Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party

The organizers of the 2018 Fall/Winter edition of Alta Roma, the Eternal City’s signature fashion week, filled the runways of Rome with couture and the work of emerging local and international talent.  In addition to traditional runway shows, exhibitions at the MAXXI museum and collaborations with the city’s leading retailers allowed the public to take part in fashion week festivities throughout Rome.  The “In Town” events included the Roman Vanity Ritual launch party held by Farmacia Piazza di Spagna.

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party-2

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party

Located in the heart of Rome’s chic Piazza Spagna shopping district, the family-run Farmacia hosted a “Roman Vanity Ritual” themed event to promote its new line of eco-sustainable health and beauty products developed by Paola Manfroni.

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party

Health & Beauty Product Line

Farmacia Piazza di Spagna’s new line evokes the daily pleasures of a ritual that is inspired by the healing powers of ancient Roman baths.  Famed for promoting wellness culture throughout the ancient empire, Roman baths remain an inspiration for their architectural distinction and their democratic availability to all citizens.  Manfroni built on this inspiration to create four collections that combine pharmaceutical principals with ancient traditions and natural ingredients.

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party

When the schedule for Alta Roma fashion week came out, I knew I would need to make time for the Roman Vanity Ritual launch party.  Discovering locally-developed health and beauty products is one of the great pleasures of living in a new city.  I still horde Forest Essentials ayurvedic products anytime I pass through New Delhi.

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Paola Manfroni has created four collections for Farmacia di Spagna featuring ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, and essential oils:

  • Vanitas: scented water, body cream, hand cream and face cream
  • In Balneo: soaps, shower gel, shampoo, and body oil
  • Solarium: sun sprays, after sun gel and lip balms
  • La Barberia: shaving cream, mousse, and aftershaves
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The Vanitas collection includes scented beauty products featuring floral notes: Primavera Romana (Roman spring, which has a touch of my favorite dahlias), Rose and Sandalwood, and Lemon and Tuberose.

A Fashionable Launch

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party

In keeping with the Roman Vanity Rituals theme, guests were welcomed to the launch party by vestals dressed in linen shifts created by Roman haute couture designer Antonella Rossi.  Cocktails were served in pharmacy-appropriate test tubes.

Roman Vanity Ritual Launch Party-7

Additional product information is available on the Farmacia Piazza di Spagna website. Online sales are expected to launch soon.


Farmacia Piazza di Spagna 

Piazza di Spagna No. 30

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